|   Origin

The Belgian Association for Students in Switzerland was founded to tackle a perceived lack for a strong Belgian student community and a professional network that could support career development. It is after the well-received event at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) featuring Belgian Ambassador Willy De Buck in November 2019 that the idea of pursuing this friendly atmosphere and sense of connection turned into reality. B.A.S.S. is open to any person studying in Switzerland, with a strong affiliation with or interest in the Belgian culture and society.

|   Our activities

In order to get as much out of their time of study in Switzerland as possible, B.A.S.S offers its members both professional — according to its mission — and social activities — as it remains a student association. The former include inter alia excursions, talks, workshops and discussion panels. A tentave overview of professional activities for the academic year 2020-2021 can be found below:

  • Soft Skill Workshops / Resume and Interview Preparation
  • Company Talks / Visits
  • Invited Talks on Belgian-Swiss Projects
  • Round Table Event (Seminar)

The social and cultural events aim to bring part of the Belgian student culture to Switzerland, as well as to introduce our members to the Swiss student culture and social life through inter alia sporting events, Belgian beer drinks, cantus, hiking or skiing trips and exploring the Swiss nightlife.

  • Belgian Drinks and Dinners
  • Pub Crawls and Cantus (a typical Belgian student event)
  • Outdoor and Sporting Activities (SOLA, hiking, City Run and more)
  • St. Nicholas and New Year celebrations

|   Our mission

The Belgian Association for Students in Switzerland strives to:

  • provide Belgium with a new generation of leaders with educational and everyday life experience in a leading European economy and society, thereby enhancing Belgian-Swiss relations;
  • more broadly educate Belgian students in order to be able to fulfill the aforementioned role, and to do so in close contact with top-level peers in academia, industry and society; and
  • increase the number of Belgian students in Switzerland, thereby decreasing the popularity gap with universities overseas and enhancing the integration of Belgian students within Swiss Society, Industry and Academia.

|  Our Board

The Board is the executive organ of B.A.S.S. It is elected on an annual basis by the General Assembly and is comprised of driven students studying in Switzerland. In addition to the Board, B.A.S.S. has an Advisory Board consisting of peers from Academia, Industry and Society.


Jade Cock

Legal & Audit

Antoine De Spiegeleir

Marketing & IT

Sophie Mertens

We are always looking for proactive individuals to join our team! Are you eager to join the Board, support us or do you have an interesting suggestion? Please send us an email and we will be in touch shortly!

|   Our values

In order for our members to fully grasp the benefits of Swiss and Belgian society, B.A.S.S. aims to nurture personal development through three core values that compose a well-balanced and thriving personality. The first value of B.A.S.S. is Excellence, which we believe is inherent to the decision to study or work in Switzerland and the drive to move onwards. Secondly, B.A.S.S. aims to nurture Interdisciplinarity, in order for our members to fully reflect the increased exposure to another society and various fields of study. Thirdly, the value of International Responsibility is aimed towards the perceived roles of pioneership and leadership our members will have in the Swiss-Belgian society and beyond, reflecting a can-do attitude.

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